Benefits of a Workplace Vanpool Program

Vanpooling is an ideal system for a company to support its employees.  A vanpool program supports employees by reducing their commuting costs and boosting employee productivity. The benefits don’t stop there. With vanpooling everybody wins: employer, employees, and the planet!

For employers, vanpooling will help you cut costs in a few ways. First by reducing the need for parking spaces as reducing the number of employees driving to work automatically cuts demand for employee parking. Parking is expensive to build or lease, particularly in urban areas, with estimated monthly costs ranging from $250 to $2,100. Vanpooling provides a low-cost alternative to additional parking space. Vanpool services are also more flexible and can adapt to any changes in your team to accommodate for fluctuations in demand, while parking spaces are long-term fixed investments.

Further employer cost savings can be achieved directly and indirectly. Direct savings are earned as vanpooling makes employers eligible for different subsidies and tax breaks. Indirectly, another major motivation to offer vanpooling for your employees is the boost to their productivity and therefore their added value to the company. Vanpooling will free up time for commuters by allowing them to ride on high occupancy lanes, also known as carpool lanes, saving up to 30 minutes each way depending on distance traveled and congestion levels. During their commute, employees are free to get some work done, read or simply relax for a change. This will help reduce stress and will create a space for them to connect with their coworkers, improving the work environment and increasing their motivation.  A happy vanpooler will be a more driven and faithful employee, potentially saving on HR and administrative costs associated with turnover.

Lastly, with environmental mandates on large companies, a vanpool program can qualify as a method of greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions, helping employers to avoid large fines. Making a company greener through reducing the amount of cars on the road and the corresponding CO2 emissions also proves to customers the company’s commitment to the environment.

For the employees themselves, vanpooling can be offered as a tax-free benefit to employees (up to $1,260 per year). This assistance, combined with the significant savings from sharing fuel and maintenance costs, can meaningfully reduce the cost of daily commuting. Vanpooling to work may even eliminate the need for purchasing a car altogether, especially when combined with urban car share programs.

For all these strong reasons, all-electric vanpooling’s “time” has finally come and Green Commuter is here to serve employee and employers who are ready to decarbonize their commutes.

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